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      1. Board Metal
        Machine Process
            Upholding the business tenet of taking the quality as life and customers uppermost, our company is dedicated into plastic and hardware punching, shaping, stretching and mold design & manufacture; process of precise auto car, instrument vehicle, soldering, polishing, line incision and general machinery, etc.; surface treatment of metal and plastic pieces (gilding, silvering, palladium, tin, nickel, zinc, spray-paint and so on). Integrated with mould design and production, accessories¡¯ process and shaping, plating and fitting, it specializes in putting out electrical control auxiliary fittings, electrical appliances; high and low switch accessories etc. It is a subordinate enterprise subjecting to torch new hi-technology industry.
            Since its establishment in 1996, the total industrial production value increase twice and the fixed assets have reached RMB 3.5 million. There are many excellent facilities in the company including various punches from 4T precise punch to 300T hydraulic punch with annual output of 3.5 million pcs and precise auto lathe, instruments lathe mainly producing various of metal car accessories at different standards as well as nonstandard ones with an annual output of about 2 million pcs. Our equipment includes: lathes, milling machines, grinders, planers, line cutter, large bender and board cutters, etc. At present, we mainly undertake producing all kinds of heat sinks, shrapnel, bridge supports, terminals, export inserters, copper inserters, contactors, copper conductors, connectors, metal shells (frames), stretchers and other products.
            With sound administration, production structure and quality management system and training our staff strictly in technology, we have strong technology power, mature making technics, advanced testing means and realized computer supervising and modern office work.. Now , New Precision Company has achieved ISO9001:2000 Quality System Register Certificate and implements totally the three projects of management, talent and quality to present our expertise spirit of "extraction, consideration, fine and precision".
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